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How to redeem AppSumo code?

Redeeming your AppSumo code
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Updated 3 months ago

If you have bought a Dope.Link PRO plan from the AppSumo marketplace. Please follow the instructions below to redeem.

  1. If you haven't already please register at https://dope.link/register
  2. After you have registered and logged in please modify the link shown in the next step
  3. https://dope.link/pay/6?code=[Your Code Here]
  4. Your url should look like the following without the brackets: https://dope.link/pay/6?code=d8ds8sfho
  5. Please visit the link you have just modified
  6. You should be presented with a billing info page. Please fill out and submit
  7. You should now be able to redeem your lifetime plan by entering the code on the bottom right side of the page

If you still weren't able to redeem your code. You can send us a message with your code to our live chat widget on the bottom right of the page or to our email at [email protected] to upgrade your account to a lifetime plan.

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