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Share your Dope Links and Dope Pages everywhere!

Putting your Dope Links and Dope Pages everywhere
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Updated 4 months ago

Now you have a dope page or a dope link, it's time to share it everywhere. We will list some of the most popular places where users have shared their URL.

  • Instagram bio
  • Twitter bio or tweets
  • Under your YouTube vids to encourage audience discovery and engagement
  • TikTok profile
  • Facebook bio and Messenger chats
  • Pinterest profile and posts
  • Your blog bio or Tumblr 
  • Github bio
  • On texts to link pals to your content
  • LinkedIn profile
  • In your resume/CV and on job applications that ask for your website or portfolio
  • On your business card
  • In your email signature
  • On your Twitch stream
  • In your Soundcloud sidebar

How to share your Dope Link or Dope Page

Go to your dope link or dope page in your dashboard and click on 'Edit'

Your page/link should load with all your content showing. Right below the name of your page/link you should be able to see the full URL and right next to it a two documents icon. 

Click on the two documents icon and it will be copied to your clipboard ready to be pasted where ever you want.

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