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Set up custom domain

How to set up custom domain for your dope pages
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Updated 23 hours ago

If you want to connect your domain to your page. You must first connect your domain to our platform.

Go to your DNS registrar and create an A record with the value of which is our server IP. Make sure to create for both your root domain (example.com) and subdomain (www).

After you added your A records make sure you also install an SSL certificate. Lastly, we will activate your domain from our side where you should see your domain active in the custom domain page.

You are now free to integrate your custom domain to your page.

Go to your page and select your domain in the dropdown list and click save.

Your page should now be accessible via your domain name.

Keep in mind it can take 30 minutes for your DNS to propagate

If you are having any issues please feel free to contact us via our chat widget on the bottom right of the page or via our support email.

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